Thursday, March 7, 2013

Does It Works work?

I am so excited to share and do this review. Last month I got a package from Louella with It Works for review. In the package was a five day supply of Greens mix and Regular tablets along with two It Works wraps. 

Here is Louella's page
Website Louellas It Works 
I know everyone has heard about It Works wraps. We seethem all over Facebook. When I look in my news feed I see at least three people with something about the wraps. So when I got a chance to do a revi of the It Works wraps I was very excited. I am skeptical when it comes to weight loss and tightening products. My first thought is they used photo shop. If it really works why a they using people who are in great shape in there commercials and not some one in the process? 

I am here to tell you It Works actually works. I am 5 foot 3 inches and 150 pounds. I am by no means fat or calling my self fat. It just after three babies babies I need to tighten and tone back up. First I haven't changed my eating habits at all. I do work out a couple times a week. When I used the wraps I didn't work out at all. I started this little adventure by taking the Greens and Regular tablets  once a day for 5 days. After I finished those I went on to the wraps. The Regular tablets are great if you have trouble with bowel movements. If you have bowel issues give this try. 

When doing the wraps I had to have my husbands help while I held the wrap in place he wrapped the cling wrap around me. We measured at my belly button at the waist where you bend and a little above the belly button. At the navel I was 36 1/2 inches around. After the first wrap I was 35 1/2 inches. That was very exciting. Now I had to wait 72 hours to wrap the second time. After 72 hours I wrapped again. I slept in both wraps when I wrapped. This time after the wrapi was down to 33 1/2 inches at the navel a total of 3 inches. 

So if you would like to lose some inches around your belly  try It Works. I would highly suggest going and talking to Louella. See what she cando for you. Plus she was very helpful. PagePage