Friday, February 1, 2013

A Great Seasoning For Your Chicken Dinner

In my family we love chicken. Wither it be Chicken Stir Fry, Baked chicken, Fried Chicken, or any other type you can think of we will try it at least once. I am always looking for a new recipe to try with chicken. I came upon a great page The Gourmet Mix Shop. She has many different types of seasonings and I recently got to do try two of her items. So if you are looking or are looking for a new recipe and wondering where or what to try keep reading. 

When you go to The Gourmet Mix Shop you will see many different types of seasonings and mixes. Many of them look very yummy. She has bread, baking, cookies, slow cooker (I got to try one of these will tell you which one soon), dinner, cheese cake, pancakes, drinks, and many more. These mixes and seasoning are great no msgs or preservatives. There is something for everyone, and at a great price. 

Now to what I got to try out. Terry sent me two, one seasoning and one mix to try. The seasoning I received was a slow cooker meal. It is called Family Chicken Mix. This mix was very easy to use. You use one cup of water mixed with the envelope of seasoning mix. I put my chicken in the slow cooker first then poured the mix over the chicken. Then let it cook for 5 hours, and the great  smell soon filled the house, and had our mouths watering. When it came time for dinner the chicken was very tender so tender that it was falling off the fork. The chicken was also very moist. I must admit I get a little nervous because I have tried some recipes where the smelled  great but then did not taste great. That was NOT the case here. The smell was great but the taste was even better. We had the chicken with mash potatoes and gravy and a vegetable. Later I tried the chicken in a salad and it was great both ways. We will be ordering more of the Family 
Chicken Mix. 

This is the Family Chicken Mix 

Then next item I got to try was a dip. The dip I received was Creamy dill dip. This dip was great with rye bread. Another thing our family loves around the holidays. One thing I do not like is at the store the dill dip is close to $5 dollars for a small thing of dill dip. When you get this dip mix it make 16oz. A lot bigger then the small tub and just a few dollars more. All you need is 16oz of sour cream or mayonnaise and mix in the dip mix. Then your ready to go. This dip taste great. Even my little one tried some and loved it. 

Creamy Dill Dip

If you are looking to try a new and simple recipe or dip I would suggest going to The Gourmet Mix Shop and talk to Terry. Terry was very helpful and suggested the mixes I got to try. Those suggestions were very good and is why we will be ordering more.

Thanks Terry!

Just a little side note I am having problems getting my pictures off my memory card. So with permission I borrowed these images till I can get it fixed.