Friday, October 12, 2012

Ashley Michelle

I recently received a surprise package from Ashley Michelle for review. When I opened the package I found an adorable John Deere pillow case dress, and a matching pacifier clip. This set is extremely cute.

My Little one couldn't stay still long enough for me to snap a picture of her in the dress so this is the only picture I can get.


I love this dress it is so cute and simple at the same time. The John Deere Pillow Case Dress can be worn in different ways. Since it is colder out I put a long sleeve shirt under the dress and a pair of tights. With this dress it could be paired with leggins and long sleeve, just leggins or a pair of jeans. I love the different options given with this dress. My little one loves this dress ans loves wearing it. My daughter does not use a pacifier but she uses the pacifier clip for her baby doll.

I will be going back to Ashley Michelle for more of her items. Ashley Michelle also makes other items that are just as cute. She makes booties, another type of sun dress, shorts for boys and girls, scarfs, wipe cases, bibs burp clothes and more. She can do custom items. Be sure to go over and check her out!