Monday, September 10, 2012

A cute costum bracelet from At Ease Designs Part 2

I love custom jewelry especially when I can have my little ones names on it. How many of you guys like to have your children's names on your jewelry? Do you want to know where you can get a custom bracelet with your children's name? Well let me tell you where to go.

I recently received a bracelet from At Ease Designs Part 2. I usually am not one to wear jewelry very much. I feel like the jewelry gets in the way. I usually only wear my engagement and wedding bands, and on occasion I will wear a necklace or earrings.  I now wear this bracelet everyday.

This bracelet is very light weight and never gets in the way. I have small wrist and bracelets usually slide up and down my wrist. While they slide I usually get it caught on something wither it be my clothes, my hair, the door handle or anything else. With the bracelet At Ease Designs Part 2 sent me I do not have to worry about that. It was adjustable and fit my wrist perfect. This bracelet does not slide around on my arm nor does it get caught on anything. I love the bracelet.

This is an example of the childs size bracelet.

Another reason why I love this bracelet is it was custom made. I was able to put my children's names on there and have any it done in color. Unlike others I have seen make bracelets At Ease Designs Part 2 you can add color to the name. My colors are boys names in blue and my daughters name is in pink. It is very cute and stands out. I think I will be going back to get my daughter her very own for Christmas.

These bracelets are amazing. She can make them in infant child and adult. The bracelets are made with 1100 Pure Aluminum. That means for people with sensitive skin you have less chances of having a reaction to the bracelet. She can also do necklaces, and they are sterling silver.

You can check out her page at At Ease Designs Part 2 or if you are looking for custom clothing check out her other shop At Ease Designs . I got a cute custom pair of sweat pants from her shop too. She is very quick with shipping. So go check out At Ease Designs and order yourself or a family member a bracelet. With Christmas fast approaching this would make a great gift for anyone!

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