Friday, July 27, 2012

A Cute Costum Check Book Cover.

Do you like your checkbook cover? I LOVE mine. Everyone has a checkbook. Most of us have boring checkbook covers the bank gave us. They are ugly and do not show your personality. I love having unique items. They say a lot about me and I know that few if any have the same thing as me. I won a giveaway over at Hamptons Treasure and I recieved a custom check book.

For my checkbook cover I went with John deere. I love the country, love cowboy boots, and love John Deere. My purse is John Deere and I decided that I would love to have a checkbook that went with my purse. I am so happy I did the colors match perfectly. Hamptons Treasure was even able to add the John deere logo to my checkbook. The colors are amazing. They checkbook is amazing.

This checkbook cover is made out of duct tape. Thats right I said Duct Tape, and its awesome. There is slots for the the checkbook and there is a slot for the register. For the checkbook there is a divider to keep from leaving impression on the other checks. I also love that I dont have to keep my debit card seperate from my checkbook. There is a slot at the top for your debit card. It is a secure fit so no worrying about the card falling out. My checkbook cover is a little big for my checkbook. It slides a little bit so i used a little tape to the back of the checkbook and it works perfect. I use the other side for my cash and that works out pretty well too.

If you are looking for something custom and unique go to Hamptons Treasure she can make wallets mens and womens checkbook covers earrings key chains, and many other items. If there is something you want just ask. I was the first to ask for John Deere so I am sure if you don't see what you want you she can make it.

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