Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cool Car Roll!

This is so cool. My son loves hot wheel cars. When we leave the house he always wants to take his cars with him. I was worried that he would loose some of the cars. Then when he was ready to play with his car I had to dig in the bag for them. If I pulled out one he didn't want then it was back to digging in the bag till I found the one he was looking for. I now do not have that worry anymore thanks to Sew Charming and there Car Roll.

This is the car roll I received.

(Cars do not come with the car roll)

The Car Roll is a great way to keep track of your little ones cars. It fits in any bag and does not take up much room at all. Instead of digging in your purse, diaper bag or his back pack now all you have to do is reach in and pull out The Car Roll. The Car Roll fits most cars, but does not fit trucks. Our mator did not fit and he was ok with that. He had fun trying to figure out what cars he wanted to put in it. I love this Car Roll and so does my little one. The Car Roll is also a good way to limit how many they can take along with them. 

The Car Roll is very easy to close and open, It is closed by velcro and then rolled up. After rolling up you wrap the band around the button and it is closed. My little one can open it by himself with no problems.  This is such a great and awesome creation. She also makes diaper covers dresses ties and other things. Go check her out

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