Thursday, April 12, 2012

Perfectly Amazing Spa Quality Perfectly Posh

I received a great product to try from Stacy over at Perfectly Posh in PA. She sent me the Lovey Dovey pack to try. I do many reviews on kids items so I was really excited to get to try out the Lovey Dovey set.

Included are

Pink Vanilla  Massage Mud 
3 Heart Shaped Hand Soaps Pink, Sparkling, and Vanilla 
1 Pink Bubble Love Bombinator

The Pink Vanilla Massage Mud is perfectly amazing! It is thick, creamy, and a little bit goes a long way. It has a little scent not much and it does not smell overly girly. You can use it on your Lovey Dovey and he won't smell girly! The massage mud is pink when you open it. I was a little worried that it would stay that color when you put on and that I could not use it to give my Lovey Dovey a back rub. My husband being the great man he is let me try it on him anyways. The pink color faded away as I rubbed it in. With no staining to clothes or skin. It also warms a little bit not to much and it tingles. It tingles when rubbing in after rubbing in is when I noticed the warming. 

3 Heart shaped soaps are small but last. They are scented but the scent is not over powering. They are so cute and leave my hands feeling clean and smelling great too. While even not in use the soaps are great and leave your bathroom smelling great too. 

The Pink Bubble Bombinator is relaxing, and great for the bath. You do not need the entire bombinator. Just a little chunk works. As soon as it hits water it start foaming and bubbling. The cool thing about the bombinator is you get PINK bubbles! It also left my skin soft and feeling good.

I also must say that stacy is a great person to go through. She truly cares about you being pleased with the items. She stays in contact with you and replies to your messaged quickly. Go check her out at here at her page.  You can also go there to find out about joining her team! With every order of $30 or more you will receive a FREE full size new product. She has a online party posted  

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