Thursday, March 1, 2012

A diaper bag with a lot of room!

I have finally found a diaper bag big enough to fit everything I need thanks to Ellie Bears Personalized Gifts! If you are looking for a great diaper bag with a lot of room then you need to go check her out. She has a facebook page and an etsy page. So here is the links to both. Her facebook and her etsy I love her items

I have many diaper bags and they all seemed to small for what I needed. With having more then one child the diaper bag was always stuffed. It was a hassle to get anything out of the bag. I had to dig and search for the items and had trouble finding what I needed with out taking multiple items out of the diaper bag. Now with this new diaper bag there is room for everything plus more. My diaper bag is never filled to the brim anymore. I no longer have to search and take items out to get what I need. This diaper bag is amazing. There are two outside pockets on the side for bottles. Then there is a big pocket on the back for other items maybe a book to take along to read to the kids. The inside is amazing too.

On the inside there are three pockets. One of the pockets is large and then there are two medium pockets. I use the two medium pockets to hold sippie cups and put my bottles in the outside pockets. The middle of the diaper bag is big and roomy. I am so happy I got to review this diaper bag.

Another great thing is she can make the diaper bag any theme you want. So your diaper bag can completely be customized to fit your personality and likes. She also make shirts and purses! Go check her out! and

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  1. Thanks for the review! Glad you like the diaper bag.
    If any of your readers want to place an order on my Etsy shop, they can use the code MHAVEN to get 10% off!!!