Monday, January 16, 2012

A Warm and Cozy Blanket

Do you enjoy and love soft blankets for your children or maybe even yourself? If so you should check out Minky Baby Blanket on Etsy or her website You will be sure to get comments about your blanket just like I did.

I recently received the Blue Minky Swirl/Blue Brown Jumbo Dot Stroller blanket.

My son is very picky when it comes to his blankets. When we received the stroller blanket we were going out. I covered him with the blanket it and he immediately snuggled into it. I got many comments on what a great blanket and what a soft blanket it was. The Blanket is put together with such great detail, and care. He absolutely loves his blanket and it is the perfect size for the car seat. Other blankets hang over the side and you have to fold them to try to get the perfect fit. With the stroller size blanket there is no folding or hassle just a perfect fit.

The Blue Minky Swirl/Blue Brown Jumbo Dot Stroller Blanket is amazingly soft. Some blankets are only soft on one side. Then there are some blankets that claim to be soft. When you get your blanket from Minky Baby Blankets you will not have to worry if your blanket will be soft. These blankets seem to get softer after washing. Your baby will snuggle into their blanket as soon as you cover them up.

Minky Baby Blankets come in many sizes. you can get lovey, stroller, crib, toddler, child, tween, teen, adult. So you can get a blanket for the entire family. You can also have your blankets personalized. Maybe you would like a satin trim. Minkey Baby Blanket has it all.

Please be sure to check out the different blankets on Etsy or her website

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  1. My son still is in love with this blanket. He will not use any other blankets. This is his favorite