Saturday, January 28, 2012

Not your average nursing pads!

Are you tired of your nursing pads bunching or not staying in place? Maybe they irritate certain areas on you. You should check out Rock-It Designs .

I hate the nursing pads you buy from the store. They are so uncomfortable and you always have to adjust them. The nursing pads you get from the store do not hold up. They do not stay in place and some do not fit right. Rock-It Designs has a great selection. She makes them all by hand with love and care. They are durable and comfortable. They do not bunch or slide out of place. The nursing pads are so soft and they do not irritate certain areas. These nursing pads are amazing. They come in different designs and come at a great price. They are $2.00 a set or $5 for three. These nursing pads are so comfortable you will forget they are there.

Rocket-It designs also make cloth diaper wipes, tag blankets, bibs, burp clothes, and diaper clutches. Everything that she makes is at a reasonable price. There is nothing that is over priced. She even has a sale album.  You can go here and look at her items here

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