Friday, October 12, 2012

Ashley Michelle

I recently received a surprise package from Ashley Michelle for review. When I opened the package I found an adorable John Deere pillow case dress, and a matching pacifier clip. This set is extremely cute.

My Little one couldn't stay still long enough for me to snap a picture of her in the dress so this is the only picture I can get.


I love this dress it is so cute and simple at the same time. The John Deere Pillow Case Dress can be worn in different ways. Since it is colder out I put a long sleeve shirt under the dress and a pair of tights. With this dress it could be paired with leggins and long sleeve, just leggins or a pair of jeans. I love the different options given with this dress. My little one loves this dress ans loves wearing it. My daughter does not use a pacifier but she uses the pacifier clip for her baby doll.

I will be going back to Ashley Michelle for more of her items. Ashley Michelle also makes other items that are just as cute. She makes booties, another type of sun dress, shorts for boys and girls, scarfs, wipe cases, bibs burp clothes and more. She can do custom items. Be sure to go over and check her out!

Monday, September 10, 2012

A cute costum bracelet from At Ease Designs Part 2

I love custom jewelry especially when I can have my little ones names on it. How many of you guys like to have your children's names on your jewelry? Do you want to know where you can get a custom bracelet with your children's name? Well let me tell you where to go.

I recently received a bracelet from At Ease Designs Part 2. I usually am not one to wear jewelry very much. I feel like the jewelry gets in the way. I usually only wear my engagement and wedding bands, and on occasion I will wear a necklace or earrings.  I now wear this bracelet everyday.

This bracelet is very light weight and never gets in the way. I have small wrist and bracelets usually slide up and down my wrist. While they slide I usually get it caught on something wither it be my clothes, my hair, the door handle or anything else. With the bracelet At Ease Designs Part 2 sent me I do not have to worry about that. It was adjustable and fit my wrist perfect. This bracelet does not slide around on my arm nor does it get caught on anything. I love the bracelet.

This is an example of the childs size bracelet.

Another reason why I love this bracelet is it was custom made. I was able to put my children's names on there and have any it done in color. Unlike others I have seen make bracelets At Ease Designs Part 2 you can add color to the name. My colors are boys names in blue and my daughters name is in pink. It is very cute and stands out. I think I will be going back to get my daughter her very own for Christmas.

These bracelets are amazing. She can make them in infant child and adult. The bracelets are made with 1100 Pure Aluminum. That means for people with sensitive skin you have less chances of having a reaction to the bracelet. She can also do necklaces, and they are sterling silver.

You can check out her page at At Ease Designs Part 2 or if you are looking for custom clothing check out her other shop At Ease Designs . I got a cute custom pair of sweat pants from her shop too. She is very quick with shipping. So go check out At Ease Designs and order yourself or a family member a bracelet. With Christmas fast approaching this would make a great gift for anyone!

Friday, July 27, 2012

A Cute Costum Check Book Cover.

Do you like your checkbook cover? I LOVE mine. Everyone has a checkbook. Most of us have boring checkbook covers the bank gave us. They are ugly and do not show your personality. I love having unique items. They say a lot about me and I know that few if any have the same thing as me. I won a giveaway over at Hamptons Treasure and I recieved a custom check book.

For my checkbook cover I went with John deere. I love the country, love cowboy boots, and love John Deere. My purse is John Deere and I decided that I would love to have a checkbook that went with my purse. I am so happy I did the colors match perfectly. Hamptons Treasure was even able to add the John deere logo to my checkbook. The colors are amazing. They checkbook is amazing.

This checkbook cover is made out of duct tape. Thats right I said Duct Tape, and its awesome. There is slots for the the checkbook and there is a slot for the register. For the checkbook there is a divider to keep from leaving impression on the other checks. I also love that I dont have to keep my debit card seperate from my checkbook. There is a slot at the top for your debit card. It is a secure fit so no worrying about the card falling out. My checkbook cover is a little big for my checkbook. It slides a little bit so i used a little tape to the back of the checkbook and it works perfect. I use the other side for my cash and that works out pretty well too.

If you are looking for something custom and unique go to Hamptons Treasure she can make wallets mens and womens checkbook covers earrings key chains, and many other items. If there is something you want just ask. I was the first to ask for John Deere so I am sure if you don't see what you want you she can make it.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cool Car Roll!

This is so cool. My son loves hot wheel cars. When we leave the house he always wants to take his cars with him. I was worried that he would loose some of the cars. Then when he was ready to play with his car I had to dig in the bag for them. If I pulled out one he didn't want then it was back to digging in the bag till I found the one he was looking for. I now do not have that worry anymore thanks to Sew Charming and there Car Roll.

This is the car roll I received.

(Cars do not come with the car roll)

The Car Roll is a great way to keep track of your little ones cars. It fits in any bag and does not take up much room at all. Instead of digging in your purse, diaper bag or his back pack now all you have to do is reach in and pull out The Car Roll. The Car Roll fits most cars, but does not fit trucks. Our mator did not fit and he was ok with that. He had fun trying to figure out what cars he wanted to put in it. I love this Car Roll and so does my little one. The Car Roll is also a good way to limit how many they can take along with them. 

The Car Roll is very easy to close and open, It is closed by velcro and then rolled up. After rolling up you wrap the band around the button and it is closed. My little one can open it by himself with no problems.  This is such a great and awesome creation. She also makes diaper covers dresses ties and other things. Go check her out

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Perfectly Amazing Spa Quality Perfectly Posh

I received a great product to try from Stacy over at Perfectly Posh in PA. She sent me the Lovey Dovey pack to try. I do many reviews on kids items so I was really excited to get to try out the Lovey Dovey set.

Included are

Pink Vanilla  Massage Mud 
3 Heart Shaped Hand Soaps Pink, Sparkling, and Vanilla 
1 Pink Bubble Love Bombinator

The Pink Vanilla Massage Mud is perfectly amazing! It is thick, creamy, and a little bit goes a long way. It has a little scent not much and it does not smell overly girly. You can use it on your Lovey Dovey and he won't smell girly! The massage mud is pink when you open it. I was a little worried that it would stay that color when you put on and that I could not use it to give my Lovey Dovey a back rub. My husband being the great man he is let me try it on him anyways. The pink color faded away as I rubbed it in. With no staining to clothes or skin. It also warms a little bit not to much and it tingles. It tingles when rubbing in after rubbing in is when I noticed the warming. 

3 Heart shaped soaps are small but last. They are scented but the scent is not over powering. They are so cute and leave my hands feeling clean and smelling great too. While even not in use the soaps are great and leave your bathroom smelling great too. 

The Pink Bubble Bombinator is relaxing, and great for the bath. You do not need the entire bombinator. Just a little chunk works. As soon as it hits water it start foaming and bubbling. The cool thing about the bombinator is you get PINK bubbles! It also left my skin soft and feeling good.

I also must say that stacy is a great person to go through. She truly cares about you being pleased with the items. She stays in contact with you and replies to your messaged quickly. Go check her out at here at her page.  You can also go there to find out about joining her team! With every order of $30 or more you will receive a FREE full size new product. She has a online party posted  

Thursday, March 1, 2012

A diaper bag with a lot of room!

I have finally found a diaper bag big enough to fit everything I need thanks to Ellie Bears Personalized Gifts! If you are looking for a great diaper bag with a lot of room then you need to go check her out. She has a facebook page and an etsy page. So here is the links to both. Her facebook and her etsy I love her items

I have many diaper bags and they all seemed to small for what I needed. With having more then one child the diaper bag was always stuffed. It was a hassle to get anything out of the bag. I had to dig and search for the items and had trouble finding what I needed with out taking multiple items out of the diaper bag. Now with this new diaper bag there is room for everything plus more. My diaper bag is never filled to the brim anymore. I no longer have to search and take items out to get what I need. This diaper bag is amazing. There are two outside pockets on the side for bottles. Then there is a big pocket on the back for other items maybe a book to take along to read to the kids. The inside is amazing too.

On the inside there are three pockets. One of the pockets is large and then there are two medium pockets. I use the two medium pockets to hold sippie cups and put my bottles in the outside pockets. The middle of the diaper bag is big and roomy. I am so happy I got to review this diaper bag.

Another great thing is she can make the diaper bag any theme you want. So your diaper bag can completely be customized to fit your personality and likes. She also make shirts and purses! Go check her out! and

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A great bag for many things!

I use my bags for many things. My purse is not only my purse but always manages to become a diaper bag. I do not like carrying a lot of bags with me when I run into the store. That is why I love the monogramed initial tote bag from Doodle-Threads Embroidery.

I received the pink with white polka dot tote bag. This bag is great for a quick run to the store, park, grandmas house, or even an over night bag. There is plenty of room for your wallet and other items along with items for the children. There is also room to put a couple outfits in and go.

I love this bag. This is a great bag very durable, and easy to clean. The polka dot bag is also very stylish bag. I like how I can use it for many different things. I will be using this bag even more this summer for the trips to the park and the zoo.

I let a family member also use this bag. She loved it and used it to carry her books for class in it. She said she had plenty of room for everything she needed plus extra room. Also that she loved how nothing was squeezed in.

The only thing that I would change is I would add a pocket in the bag for smaller things. There is a coin purse type of bag attached to the inside of the bag. That is a plus but I think a pocket for a cell phone would be great to add to it. Other then that I love this bag. I would recommend this bag to anyone.

She also has many other items personalized coffee travel mugs, mouse pads lunch totes, note pads, night lights, shower wraps and many others. Go check her out at

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Super Bowl Giveaway

This giveaway is for fun, and to get shops out there more reconision. All Items are made with loge and care. Please have fun and be polite.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Not your average nursing pads!

Are you tired of your nursing pads bunching or not staying in place? Maybe they irritate certain areas on you. You should check out Rock-It Designs .

I hate the nursing pads you buy from the store. They are so uncomfortable and you always have to adjust them. The nursing pads you get from the store do not hold up. They do not stay in place and some do not fit right. Rock-It Designs has a great selection. She makes them all by hand with love and care. They are durable and comfortable. They do not bunch or slide out of place. The nursing pads are so soft and they do not irritate certain areas. These nursing pads are amazing. They come in different designs and come at a great price. They are $2.00 a set or $5 for three. These nursing pads are so comfortable you will forget they are there.

Rocket-It designs also make cloth diaper wipes, tag blankets, bibs, burp clothes, and diaper clutches. Everything that she makes is at a reasonable price. There is nothing that is over priced. She even has a sale album.  You can go here and look at her items here

Monday, January 16, 2012

A Warm and Cozy Blanket

Do you enjoy and love soft blankets for your children or maybe even yourself? If so you should check out Minky Baby Blanket on Etsy or her website You will be sure to get comments about your blanket just like I did.

I recently received the Blue Minky Swirl/Blue Brown Jumbo Dot Stroller blanket.

My son is very picky when it comes to his blankets. When we received the stroller blanket we were going out. I covered him with the blanket it and he immediately snuggled into it. I got many comments on what a great blanket and what a soft blanket it was. The Blanket is put together with such great detail, and care. He absolutely loves his blanket and it is the perfect size for the car seat. Other blankets hang over the side and you have to fold them to try to get the perfect fit. With the stroller size blanket there is no folding or hassle just a perfect fit.

The Blue Minky Swirl/Blue Brown Jumbo Dot Stroller Blanket is amazingly soft. Some blankets are only soft on one side. Then there are some blankets that claim to be soft. When you get your blanket from Minky Baby Blankets you will not have to worry if your blanket will be soft. These blankets seem to get softer after washing. Your baby will snuggle into their blanket as soon as you cover them up.

Minky Baby Blankets come in many sizes. you can get lovey, stroller, crib, toddler, child, tween, teen, adult. So you can get a blanket for the entire family. You can also have your blankets personalized. Maybe you would like a satin trim. Minkey Baby Blanket has it all.

Please be sure to check out the different blankets on Etsy or her website