Monday, April 18, 2011

What is your favorite bow of your daughters?

Do you have a favorite bow of your daughters that you love to have her wear? Is it a over the top bow? Is it a simple bow or is it classic looking bow? Do you love the bottle cap bows? Do you love her korker bow? What is your favorite bow?

I love all of my daughters bows, but I have a new found favorite bow. I love her bow we just got from Bows by Phia. It is so cute and has many colors so perfect for spring and summer! 

The colors work great together. The differant shades and colors allow this bow to be worn with just about anything. This is a full korker and looks so cute on her. As her great grandfather says it looks like a bunch of fireworks are on her head lol. I love how full this korker and how it has bounce in it. This korker is bigger and can be used for infants toddlers and even bigger girls. I will definitely be going back for more bows from Bows by Phia.

She can make customs bows or if you have any questions just email her and see what she says!!! Go check out Bows by Phia

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