Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hooah Boutique

I recently received four clips and a crocheted headband from Hooah Boutique to review. I love the verity she sent to me. All of the clips she sent I could put on the headband and they fit easily onto it. The clips were wrapped so I did not have to worry about scratching or hurting her when I put the bow on her. 

First is this clip it is red white black and has a little jewel in the middle. This is simple but yet stunning clips. It is simple and thats what makes it cute. Sometimes keeping it simple is cuter then going all out. 

Next is this turquoise blue flower clip. I love the color of this flower it is really pretty and it is stunning. I love the little bead in the middle.

This one is a black flower with a little jewel in the middle of it! The jewel makes it more defined and this flower can go with any outfit you have. 

This is the last one and MY FAVORITE. I love this one it is brown white and pink with a little jewel in the middle. I  love how this goes with almost everything. They colors are so pretty and go together perfect.

When she shipped the items they got here fast. The clips were in a package I didn't have to worry about them being damaged. She makes unique items and at a great price. Go check her out on facebook. Her button is on our page. 


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