Monday, March 21, 2011

Bobbles and Peanuts

Do you love bows and clips? Are you looking for a good bow and clip at a good price? Then you should go to Bobbles and Peanuts. She makes many differant types of bows Korker, Buggy, flowers,and more. They are all so pretty and differant. 

This is the clip I recived from Bobbles and Peanuts. I love the color and the flower. The ribbon used to cover the clip is a really pretty pink and the white on it let you put it with almost any outfit. The flower is my favorite part of this clip. The flower matches the ribbon color perfect. The entire time the clip was worn it never slid down once. This clip stayed in place and held the hair tight. I loved everything about this clip and will be going back for more!!!!

Do you want a clip like this or maybe one with motorcycles then head over to Bobbles and Peanuts.!/bobblespeanuts

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