Thursday, August 4, 2011

Jewlery For Your Princess

Is your daughter you little princess? Does your princess need some jewelry? Do you want a mommy and me matching bracelet set? Then I have the perfect place for you. Little Princess Jewelry makes the cutest little bracelets at a great price.

Little Princess Jewelry can make you a custom bracelet with anything you would like. She can even make a matching Mommy and Me set. My little princess and I got the privlage to get a Mommy and Me Set to try out. They where so adorable and very cute!

For our Mommy and me set I got to pick out what colors I wanted on the bracelet. For our colors I did the differant shades of blue. Blue is my favorite color and a color that looks great on both of us. So we have many outfits to wear our bracelets with.

These are what our bracelets look like

Maybe instead of just getting any color you would like to do your birthstones. She can make them with your birthstones. She also makes necklaces. So if there is something you are wanting I am sure you can find it at Little Princess Jewelry.

Check her out here

Let her know we sent you.

Monday, April 18, 2011

What is your favorite bow of your daughters?

Do you have a favorite bow of your daughters that you love to have her wear? Is it a over the top bow? Is it a simple bow or is it classic looking bow? Do you love the bottle cap bows? Do you love her korker bow? What is your favorite bow?

I love all of my daughters bows, but I have a new found favorite bow. I love her bow we just got from Bows by Phia. It is so cute and has many colors so perfect for spring and summer! 

The colors work great together. The differant shades and colors allow this bow to be worn with just about anything. This is a full korker and looks so cute on her. As her great grandfather says it looks like a bunch of fireworks are on her head lol. I love how full this korker and how it has bounce in it. This korker is bigger and can be used for infants toddlers and even bigger girls. I will definitely be going back for more bows from Bows by Phia.

She can make customs bows or if you have any questions just email her and see what she says!!! Go check out Bows by Phia

Monday, April 11, 2011

Bow'n Voyage

I received two simple bows from Bow'n Voyage. She has great costumer service and a very nice lady. Her bows are so simple yet very cute. Bow'n voyage has many different types of ribbon to choose from. There is something for everyone. Do you love skulls? She has skull ribbion. Do you want a bow that says little sister or big sister? Then go on over to Bow'n Voyage.

This is one of the two simple bows. I love the color.

This bow is simple yet elegant enough to be a dress up bow for church. This can also be a everyday bow. I used it attached to a headband and is looked cute. So even if your little one does not have much hair she will look adorable in it with a headband. 

This is the second bow I received. I love the design of this bow

On this bow I loved how the word "shine" was in different colors. Shine being in different colors allows you to  match this with almost anything. This bow is great to have your little one with a onesie and pants or any casual everyday outfit. 

Bow'n Voyage also makes Tutu's, Bow Holders, and more. Prices are great also worth every penny! 

Monday, April 4, 2011

Style Legs

Do you love baby leg warmers? What about tutus? Maybe even flowers and headbands? What about pacifier clips? Do you love a good price? If you like any of this then you should go to Style Legs! She has Style Legs baby leg warmers that are so cute. Style Legs are only $5 dollars a pair. Her tutus are at a great price too, one color only $10 dollars. Her crocheted head bands are only $2 dollars other I seen sell for $5.

I received a few things from Style Legs. I received two pairs of style legs and this flower and headband. The little style legs I received are so adorable. They stayed up great and never slid down like some others. 

These are so cute

This is the pair of style legs I have. I love the multi colored dots. This makes it where they can go with anything and look great. My daughter loved the freedom of the movement she had in them. She also loved looking at the differant colors(lol).

These are a boys pair of style legs

These are the pair I got for my son. We used them as arm warmers and they were great for that to. He was so comfortable in them he never tried to pull them off. I like how the do not look girly like other boys leg warmers I have seen. These are great and they work great as arm warmers if you can not get your little one to keep them on their legs.

This is the flower and headband I received. 
(This is much prettier in person picture does not do justice)

This little flower is so cute. The headband is amazing on it. It stayed in place and the flower fit perfect. I have other headbands that do not fit my daughter properly. This one fits perfectly its not to tight and not to loose. I hate when you take of a headband and there are marks from it . That has not happened once with this. 

If you are looking for a great buy on baby leg warmers (style legs) pacifier clips(I am going to be receiving a few) tutus, Headbands and flower clips then you should go to style legs. You can click on her button on the right hand side of this blog or click here

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bella's Bows and 'Bands

Are you looking for a great bow? Are you looking for a custom one of a kind bow. Then you need to go to Bella's Bows and 'bands. She can make you a custom bow,or you can pick one of the ones she has. She has a big selection of ribbon. Would you like a bottle cap? Bella's has many images to choose from,or give her a idea of what you would like and she can make it. I recently received a bow and headband from Bella's Bows and 'Bands. The items arrived very quickly and wrapped where they would not get damaged. The bow is very unique I have not seen another design like it. The Product quality is excellent. It can withhold being pulled off and has not lost it shape.

This is the Bow I received 

I love this bow it is one of my favorite for her to wear. I have received many compliments on the princess bow from shoppers and cashiers at the stores. They always want to know "where did you got such a cute bow for that cute baby" (lol). I am going to be going back to Bella's Bows and 'Bands for more bows. The price is great so I can get multiple instead of just one bow. If you would like a great bow and fast go to Bella's Bows and 'Bands. 

If you would like to check her out you can click her button on the left, or click this link!/BellasBowsandBands

Monday, March 21, 2011

Bobbles and Peanuts

Do you love bows and clips? Are you looking for a good bow and clip at a good price? Then you should go to Bobbles and Peanuts. She makes many differant types of bows Korker, Buggy, flowers,and more. They are all so pretty and differant. 

This is the clip I recived from Bobbles and Peanuts. I love the color and the flower. The ribbon used to cover the clip is a really pretty pink and the white on it let you put it with almost any outfit. The flower is my favorite part of this clip. The flower matches the ribbon color perfect. The entire time the clip was worn it never slid down once. This clip stayed in place and held the hair tight. I loved everything about this clip and will be going back for more!!!!

Do you want a clip like this or maybe one with motorcycles then head over to Bobbles and Peanuts.!/bobblespeanuts

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hooah Boutique

I recently received four clips and a crocheted headband from Hooah Boutique to review. I love the verity she sent to me. All of the clips she sent I could put on the headband and they fit easily onto it. The clips were wrapped so I did not have to worry about scratching or hurting her when I put the bow on her. 

First is this clip it is red white black and has a little jewel in the middle. This is simple but yet stunning clips. It is simple and thats what makes it cute. Sometimes keeping it simple is cuter then going all out. 

Next is this turquoise blue flower clip. I love the color of this flower it is really pretty and it is stunning. I love the little bead in the middle.

This one is a black flower with a little jewel in the middle of it! The jewel makes it more defined and this flower can go with any outfit you have. 

This is the last one and MY FAVORITE. I love this one it is brown white and pink with a little jewel in the middle. I  love how this goes with almost everything. They colors are so pretty and go together perfect.

When she shipped the items they got here fast. The clips were in a package I didn't have to worry about them being damaged. She makes unique items and at a great price. Go check her out on facebook. Her button is on our page. 

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Baltic Amber Teething Anklet

Do you want to win a amber teething anklet for you little one? Well here is how you can win one.  Go over to One Smiley Monkey and enter her giveaway. She has tested and written a review about the amber teething anklet and is giving us a chance to win one. I know I sure would like to try it on my little guy who is cutting teeth. Go enter her giveaway here

Friday, March 4, 2011

Cosco - Scenera 5-Point Convertible Car Seat

We bought this car seat for my son. He is so excited He got a big boy seat and I got many hugs for it too :)! This car seat was really easy to adjust to fit him. The buckles are so easy to snap together and unsnap. This car seat can be used for infants and toddlers. 

Cosco makes this in two colors Black for boys and Pink for girls. It has a removable cup holder which is great because my son always has his cup with him. The Cosco Scenera is recommend on the consumer reports. All and all this is a great car seat at great price. 

Thursday, March 3, 2011

more 4 mom's buck

More 4 Mom's buck is having a giveaway of tummy ticklers and belly washes. Go check it out. They come in many cute designs and she is giving away a 3 pack.

Who wants to win????

There is a giveaway going on over at Jewelry and Baby Bling By Dara. She is going to pick one lucky fan to pick any one item off her website. There are some really cute things over there. I love her converse with bling on them. All of her items are really cute. She has hats headbands bows shoes shirts tutus. Go check it.

Friday, February 25, 2011


The giveaway will be closing tomorrow night! Make sure you get all you entries in while there is still time. Good luck.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


The giveaway on my facebook page is NOW OPEN!!! you get extra entry for following the blog! Go enter and join in the fun.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Almost time for the giveaway

Welcome to the new followers! I am only 7 fans away from a giveaway on my fan page The album is up and I am still accepting sponsors if anyone is interested just email me.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I will be hosting a giveaway on my facebook page once we reach 100 fans. We are at 52 right now. I am going to start looking for sponsors today. If you would like to sponsor please email through the contact page.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


I am giving away a month free advertisement over at totally tutus, totally tattered and heart made sisters creations. So please go and join their pages and let them know I sent you.

Friday, February 18, 2011


Welcome to Mommies Haven! Here I will test and write reviews along with recipes. If there is something you would like me to review please email me on the contact us page. If there is a recipe or anything you would like to share please feel free to do so. Thank you. 


Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Cute Tutu

I recently received a tutu from a lady named Jan.   She makes custom tutus for $15 that range from newborn up to 5T.  Included in the price is extras such as flowers, ribbons, extra fancy tulle with glitter or designs and small charms are all options. I love the tutu that she made for my little girl.  It is well worth more then $15 so this is a steal. If you are interested in getting one then you can email her Jan at

here is a picture